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Straight Vacs:

Our fleet of straight vacs are available throughout Southeast Saskatchewan. We can provide a variety of different rig services including land spreading, pad work, and support for conventional drilling practices.

  • Tandem Floater trucks

  • Tire Boss

  • Tri-Axles

  • All units are equipped with agitator's

  • Code Units

  • Portable vent gas scrubbers are available for these units





Our hydrovacs offer a safe alternative to traditional highly powered trenching machines. This system consists of water and vacuum technology to blast through dirt and rocks to expose pipelines, utilities, and electrical systems. Our Hydrovacs also come in handy for clean ups.




Water Trucks:

Our water trucks are typically used to supply water to drilling rigs and hydrovac units. Each water truck contains 100 to 110 barrel tanks with hydraulically driven 4” pumps and a rear spray bar for dust control.

  • Code Tanks

  • Floater Tires

  • Dust Control




Steamers: Steam-Est has a fleet of single and tandem axle steamers wth capacities of up to 8m3 to fit most industry needs.



Potable Water Tanks: With Stainless Steel tanks, our tridrive potable water trucks deliver up to 22m3 of clean drinking water to where it is needed.


Portable Washrooms: Steam-Est is equipped with many portable washrooms. 
















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