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Steam-Est believes in supporting the local community. We feel that local involvement is a privilege and a responsibility for local business owners.

Steam-Est Industries is dedicated to impactful community involvement. Our objective is to support local initiatives in sport, recreation, education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability. By collaborating with community members, we empower them through resources and skill development. Transparent communication helps us understand and address their unique needs. Through events and programs, we foster interaction and cultural exchange, promoting social cohesion. Our business practices align with community values to build trust and shared value. We aspire to leave a positive, lasting impact by actively participating in the community's growth and betterment.


Steam-Est has been a proud supporter of many local events and non-profit organizations including the the Estevan Exhibition Association, the Estevan Fair, Estevan Motor Speedway, Relay for Life, the Woodlawn Regional Park, the United Way, the Saskatchewan Summer Games, the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation and many more. 

If you would like to apply for funding for an event or organization, please send your sponsorship request to or drop it off in person. 

Priority is given to organizations who support local youth initiatives or the growth and success of community based non profit organizations. 

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